Improved checkout process will make shopping hassle-free! 23. juuli 2009

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(July 23, 2009) Improved checkout process will make shopping hassle-free!

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Hello AlertPay members,

We have some good news to share with all of you. Once again, the team has been working very diligently on further improving our services for you. Keep reading!

Checkout just got easier!

One of our main priorities is making online shopping as simple and secure as possible, so we are happy to announce that our checkout process is more streamlined and user-friendly. If you have ever used our quick and easy Send Money feature, then you will love our new checkout process since it is almost identical.

Now you can choose your source of funds on the very first page when making a payment through a seller's website. Since we have eliminated an entire step, you can make your purchase in no time at all.

Also, non-members can make up to three credit card purchases through our services without having to login or validate their email. Please note that after the third purchase, non-members will have to validate their email address – which only takes a few minutes.

We hope that you enjoy the benefits of our new and improved checkout process and that your customer experience is a positive one!

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