List of AlertPay-Recognized Exchangers. 21. august 2009

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(August 21, 2009) List of AlertPay-Recognized Exchangers.
We have recently reviewed certain e-currency exchangers and allow our members to exchange with them.
Good news! We have added more recognized e-currency exchangers to our list. For those of you who would like to use an exchanger to deposit or withdraw your money, you can use any of these at your discretion:

Please note that these exchangers have successfully completed a stringent review process in which they have proven their reliability. Any exchanger who wishes to do business through our service will have to complete the same process.

It is a violation of our User Agreement to exchange e-currency through our service without having gone through this process.

We hope that the addition of these exchangers to our list will help make depositing and withdrawing your money even more convenient than ever before.

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