Credit Cards: Issues and Solutions. 4. jaanuar 2010

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(January 4, 2010) Credit Cards: Issues and Solutions. Some tips on how to use your credit card with AlertPay

Hi everyone,

Since a lot of you use credit cards through AlertPay, we would like to offer you some tips on how to use your credit card with AlertPay and how to troubleshoot various issues.

How to add a credit card

Before using a credit card, you must add one to your account. Please follow these simple steps to do so:

1. Login to your AlertPay account.
2. Click on "Profile".
3. Under “Financial”, click on "Credit Cards".
4. Enter credit card details and click on "Next".
5. Verify details and check box to agree to “User Agreement”.
6. Click on "Finish".

If you do not have an AlertPay account, you can open one for free and add your card or just add it when making a payment at a seller's checkout counter.

Credit card usage guidelines

• You can spend up to $250 USD (or equivalent) a month with a single credit card; you can add another card to your account to increase your spending limit to $500 USD (or equivalent).
• You can have a total of three added and/or deleted cards in your AlertPay account, but only two of those cards can be actively used.
• You can only add a Visa, MasterCard or American Express to your AlertPay account. No other cards are supported.
• You can split a payment with your AlertPay balance and not with another credit card.
• You can only add a credit card to one account at a time.
• Some sellers do not accept credit cards, so you will have to pay with your AlertPay balance.
• You can use your credit card abroad, but you must add it first to your AlertPay account in the issuing country.
• You can also use your credit card with the "Send Money" and "Request Money" features, but not with "Mass Pay".
• You can withdraw payments made to your AlertPay balance with a credit card. You can withdraw your money in USD, GBP or EUR.
• You can add a debit card for direct payments to sellers, but it must be issued by one of the accepted credit card companies and can only be used as a credit card.
• Some sellers cannot accept MasterCard payments so be prepared to use a Visa, American Express or AlertPay balance if need be.

Possible issues and how to solve them

Issue: Disabled credit card.
Diagnosis: The card may have been added abroad. Or the CVV and card number were entered incorrectly in the AlertPay account or are no longer valid.
Solution: Contact Customer Support immediately so we can investigate.

Issue: Cannot complete payment.
Diagnosis: You may be trying to make a payment that exceeds the allowable monthly amount. Furthermore, you may have to validate your email address if you've made more than two online payments through AlertPay. Lastly, the seller may not be verified or have completed a mandatory Website Review.
Solution: Ensure your payment is under $250 USD. Please check your email to see if you've received a validation email. If so, click on the link inside to activate your account, then try your payment again. You may contact Customer Support to inquire if the issue is on the seller's side.

Issue: Cannot add credit card.
Diagnosis: It may already be added to a previous account or added to someone else's account. You may also be adding it from a country without credit card support. Lastly, you may have exceeded the allowable number of credit cards you can add to your account.
Solution: If it is added to another account or if you have exceeded the allowable amount of cards you can add, please contact Customer Support. If you are trying to add it from a country without credit card support, please consider a deposit option to make your payment, such as bank transfer, bank wire, certified check or money order.

Issue: Credit card appears to be double-charged.
Diagnosis: This may be just a temporary "hold" on your funds by your credit card issuer.
Solution: Contact your credit card issuer to confirm if the payment has gone through or not. If it has, contact Customer Support so we can look into it. Also, try waiting one minute in between multiple purchases to prevent this from happening again.

Issue: Seller does not accept credit cards or a specific credit card.
Diagnosis: The seller may have chosen not to accept credit cards or cannot accept them or certain kinds due to their industry type.
Solution: Deposit funds into your AlertPay balance by bank transfer, bank wire, certified check or money order. If the seller can accept certain types of credit card, add the appropriate card and complete your payment.

We hope we have covered some of the major issues you may encounter. If you experience any problems you cannot solve on your own, please submit a ticket to "Credit Card Support" and we will do whatever we can to help you.

Happy New Year and thank you for choosing AlertPay!

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