AlertPay Intelligence Report :: 2008-02-07 7. veebruar 2008

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AlertPay Intelligence Report :: 2008-02-07

2008 is your year to make AlertPay the only way to Pay!

Several new features are coming up right around the corner as AlertPay unfolds its hard work to provide the best service ever. We thank all our customers who sent their issues and comments to us in 2007. This February is full of excitement as we launch several features!
February 12 2008 is the day you have been waiting for…
We are happy to inform you that you will be able to make a payment using your Master Card or Visa and continue to support the Verified by Visa (VBV) program.
We have been receiving a lot of emails and we are happy to announce that we are now offering localized banking services in the following countries:

Australia Malaysia South Africa
Czech Republic New Zealand Slovakia
Hong Kong Poland
Lithuania Singapore

Upcoming countries for banking services
Be on the lookout on February 20, 2008 when the following localized banking services will be available:

Bulgaria Hungary Sweden
Denmark & Faeroe Islands Norway Switzerland
Estonia Romania
Lithuania Singapore

Developers Developers Developers
Developers can ask questions directly to AlertPay developers about integration and our business tools on our new forum. Visit today.

Providing you with the best experience possible in 2008, make AlertPay Your Way to Pay.

Thank you for using AlertPay!
The AlertPay Team

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