Visa Card Processing is Up and Running Again 28. aprill 2009

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Visa Card Processing is Up and Running Again

We are happy to announce that starting today we will be processing Visa card payments again. Mastercard and AmEx are next in line, so please bear with us. To ensure full compliance with association rules, we will be changing some of our terms and practices in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated.

On another note, you will soon have the option of getting billed in your local credit card currency if your card is denominated in CAD, EUR or GBP. In the past, you could only be billed in USD. However, with this new arrangement, we can process credit card payments in an additional three currencies.

Here's how this benefits you: No more additional foreign exchange fees on your credit card statement, saving you lots of money!

Thank you once again for your patience during this transition.

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