Good news for all Buyers and Sellers! 2. juuni 2009

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Good news for all Buyers and Sellers!

As of today, Sellers can now issue refunds up to 14 days after the transaction's creation date! It used to be only 7 days, but due to a rising demand to increase this time frame, Sellers now have an additional 7 days to refund their customers, if necessary.

Sellers: To issue a refund, just follow these simple steps:

1. Login to your AlertPay account.
2. Locate the transaction in your "Recent Activity".
3. Click on "Completed" under the "Status" of the transaction.
4. Click on the "Refund Transaction" button.
5. Click on "Confirm". That's it!

Please note that all refunds will be reversed back to the original source of payment which is either credit/debit card or AlertPay Balance.

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